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Live life fearlessly & to the fullest.

Hi, I'm Dancee Pinkston.

I'm a certified birth doula, birth educator, mom of 2 girls and wife to my high-school sweetheart since 2012. We ventured off to Texas A&M where we received our Bachelor of Science Degrees. Nutrition Major for me and Construction Science for Josh.


We currently live just North of Dallas and we have guests stay with us nearly every weekend. I love practicing motherhood mindfulness, creating intentional moments & capturing memories my precious baby girls Landree Layne and Collins Clementine.

I live in my robe and I buy presents the day of a party and I am always late dropping off my daughter to school. My weakness is procrastinating on things that I don't love doing, like the dishes, but if I'm passionate about something nothing can stop me. 


As an anxiety overcomer, knowing our gut is our second brain inspires me and I love the fact that our bodies and minds can heal with healthy lifestyle and God. I love riding bikes, swinging in a hammock, nature sightseeing and relaxing in the tub. All of which I enjoyed and found relaxing as as a kid. 


I am a daily oiler, herb and homeopathic user, wholesome food lover and toxic free products seeker. Providing an all around healthy environment for my family is one of my biggest goals as a wife and mother. Whether it’s the food we are consuming or the lotion we put on our skin I’m reading ingredient labels!


I started my journey into the birth world when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I had a very negative perception about birth, until a friend shared with me her positive natural birth experience. I was not even considering that option at all, but her story gave me so much hope that I could have a different experience than what I was used to seeing and hearing.


I hope to spread the news that women are capable and were created to birth babies practically pain free if they so desire. I want to empower pregnant women with options and knowledge so that they can have a fearless birth as well.

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