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Unmedicated Hospital Birth Story

Updated: Jan 27

Having a natural birth was never on our radars, even months into my pregnancy. It was suddenly placed on our hearts and we knew we could not ignore this calling. We looked into it together medically and spiritually and without a doubt knew God wanted us to experience pregnancy and birth to its fullest. Not that the natural approach was the ticket, but we felt He wanted us to take advantage of the works of His cross. In order for us to really take a leap of faith we needed to be completely dependent on Him without the use of medication. During the process we fully realized without a doubt that His cross bore our pain and sorrow and gave us access to live under the new covenant of love instead of fear. He wanted us to have a fearless pregnancy and birth and so we did.

Surely He took up our pain and bore our suffering.

Isaiah 53:4

Having a fearless childbirth to us meant to birth without the fear of anticipating pain or complications, needing no interventions. We understood that labor must be hard work and was probably not going to be all roses and fairy tales, but we rested in the fact that I was created to birth and there was nothing to fear. We wanted God’s grace and only His grace to be sufficient for us during our non-medicated childbirth. This goal was not taken lightly. It is difficult to live in His fullness, especially in this sorrowful world. So we took our faith and turned it into works. We prepared and practiced for our biggest faith journey yet.

Faith without works is dead.

James 2:26

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.

2 Cor. 12:9

I was suggested by a friend to read a book called Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize. Jackie is probably the first of our kind to birth not just naturally, but supernaturally under the new covenant. She brought awareness to things that I would have never looked at. She helped me to understand how I was going to birth fearlessly (what I like to call it). In her discovery she realized that a labor contraction is ultimately just a muscle contraction like flexing. She also helped me understand God’s desire for us to accept his promises and what his promises are. Jackie brought to my attention the curse of Eve and how we have been lifted from it when He became a curse for us on a tree. She took me on a journey to understand the word and what God says about childbearing and birth. My perception of childbirth has never been the same.

Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.” Galatians 3:13

On my own I studied the Bible and birth topics much further. I even studied the science of pain and how fear, anxiety and pain go hand in hand in a treacherous cycle. I knew that uncertainty was a fear trigger for me so I informed myself on all aspects of birth, down to what is normal and not normal of every stage of labor. I prepared a birth plan and made flashcards for Josh so he would know what was normal as well. I imagined and rehearsed the big day to come in my head of how it would go and even how we would act. I prepared my body physically. I deprogrammed negative birth perceptions and reprogrammed it with what I wanted my positive birth experience to be like. I even spoke words of affirmations to myself daily. Most importantly we prepared spiritually together.

Each night Josh and I prayed over my pregnancy and birth. We prayed favor over my pregnancy and that it would be completely pain and hassle free with no complications and no interventions needed. We prayed for a full term pregnancy and prayed my birth would be quick, painless and easy with no interventions nor complications as well. We prayed for a clear sign to know when it was time to go to the hospital and we prayed for a happy and healthy baby.

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We prayed our ears off in more ways and in more depth than what I mentioned above. It was important to us to be very specific with what we wanted or should I say what God had placed on our hearts to receive. Our prayers and petitions suddenly molded into our expectations. Our faith grew each night because of the birth vision we were instilling in us. We were certain our God was for us and eventually fully expected to receive what we had petitioned to Him.

Our birth story was most definitely fearless and went even better than we had imagined. I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and without this journey, I probably would have already begun to fear the day of my delivery. Instead, I was not fearful at all. The world’s expectation of childbirth was not my expectation at all.

In the early afternoon, I went to my 37 week doctors visit and was examined to see my progress and to check on baby Landree. All was good and I had dilated and effaced showing good progression. Unfortunately, this ended up giving me what is called uterine irritability. I started getting tons of Braxton Hicks contractions all under 5 minutes apart. So I called Josh at work and told him he’d better go ahead and come home from work just in case.

We decided to stay home a while and not go up to the hospital just yet. We timed my BH contractions for a solid 5 hours and they still were coming and hanging around 5 minutes apart, but very inconsistent and never progressed in strength. Josh and I didn’t think it was time, but thought it was very strange. Being first time expectant parents we didn’t really know what was going on. So we decided that we should probably just go ahead and get things checked out.

We were nervous and didn’t know what the staff would be like at the time. We still worried about having to battle a non-medicated and non-intervention birth at the hospital, which can be extremely difficult these days. The hospital was foreign to us and we knew it may be a little out of our comfort zone. We also didn’t want to have to convince anyone that I was truly in labor when it didn’t seem like it. That was common for supernatural childbirth-ers. Some things that we held onto was that we didn’t have to prove anything to anyone and we prayed for zero conflict with the nurses on staff. Low and behold we first time parents, awkwardly lugging a suitcase around, got sent home from the hospital with false labor just like we suspected.

After visiting the hospital we felt much better about the situation. We were glad we went that night because it gave us a good picture of what the big day may look like. When we got home we felt confident that we wouldn’t have any issues with sticking to our specific birth plan. I even asked the charge nurse a few questions to double check on how they would handle certain situations, which was very reassuring. After that visit it was brought to our attention that we needed to pray for a sure sign of when to go to the hospital. The advice the nurse gave us of when to come back again was strictly measured on the level of pain, which was something we weren’t going to expect to happen. Since we were praying for a quick and painless delivery we didn’t really know what we should take lightly or not. I didn’t want to be checked in too early on in the stages of labor and I of course didn’t want to accidentally have a baby at home or in the car! So we prayed for a sign and pushed the thought of expecting pain aside.

The week of my delivery I was getting Braxton Hicks contractions that were ranging from 30 minutes to 5 minutes apart. They would always start up at around 3:00 pm and then they would subside by the morning. This is also known as prodromal labor. In the 3 days leading up to my delivery I had Braxton Hicks contractions hanging around 10 minutes apart. They were completely painless and just felt like a tightening in my stomach. It actually felt like the baby was raising forward up out of my belly.

I was completely sick of tracking contractions which indicated nothing but false hope to me and my family. The only reason I tracked them was because I didn’t want to suddenly go into active labor and not be able to get to the hospital in time. I realized I was tracking them out of fear. That’s when I gave it up and decided to just not worry about it anymore. I would know when the time was here with a clear sign just like we had prayed.

Even though all the Braxton Hicks contractions gave me false hope, I am thankful I had so many contractions months in advance. I discovered that the purpose of those contractions were not just to give me false hope and drive me crazy, but to tone and strengthen my uterus in preparation for the real thing to come. This created a recipe for a successful quick and easy delivery for me.

I went past my due date, which of course can’t be for certain, with stalled early labor signs. So I dove into some research as to why I was having a stalled early labor for 3 days. It could have been from stress or that the baby needed to engage and be in a good birthing position or it just wasn’t God’s perfect timing yet. We had been praying the medical staff would be the exact staff we needed for the best care specifically for us and our mission. Josh always helped me remember that prayer when I was getting antsy at the end. Reminding me that there is a purpose for everything.

I definitely started getting anxious about being pregnant for so long. I for sure didn’t want to go so overdue that my doctor would start pushing an induction. I knew how this often leads to an unnecessary snowball effect leading up to medical interventions we were trying to avoid. Out of fear I compulsively wanted to get things going myself and often googled the topic. Although, I don’t know what I was thinking at the time because we specifically prayed for a full term pregnancy, which to us meant on or a few days past my due date. During that time I was stuck in the waiting and it was driving me crazy to just leave it up to God’s timing. I had to refocus on the mission we prepared for and really had to give up all control and let God happen. I had to really separate the benefits of using the knowledge and wisdom God gave me and trying to force something to happen out of God’s will. I held onto a song that helped give me peace in the waiting.

Slow down, take time Breathe in He said He’d reveal what’s to come The thoughts in His mind Always higher than mine He’ll reveal all to come Take courage, my heart Stay steadfast, my soul He’s in the waiting He’s in the waiting And hold onto your hope As your triumph unfolds He’s never failing He’s never failing Sing praise, my soul Find strength in joy Let His words lead you on Do not forget His great faithfulness He’ll finish all He’s begun And You who hold the stars Who call them each by name Will surely keep, Your promise to me That I will rise, in Your victory! Take courage, my heart Stay steadfast, my soul He’s in the waiting… ~Bethel Music

In my healthy searching I found some techniques from to help loosen my pelvis in hopes to move baby in the best birthing position. They state that a tight or imbalanced pelvis could be what causes labor to stall in most women. Our world makes it common for women to have a tight or twisted pelvic floor just because of how we sit a lot and cross our legs and things like that. So I prayed and felt comfortable pursuing these techniques to loosen things up a bit. I did the 3 main techniques/exercises they share and did 3 rounds of the exercises throughout the day. I also did their relaxing daily essentials yoga sequence for a couple days. I didn’t feel anything happening with baby moving in a different position but felt super relaxed after and at total peace with whatever God’s plan was. I knew I couldn’t be pregnant forever, right?

That same night I had all of my family pray that Landree would get into a good position for birth. I shared how she had been sunny side up (with her belly to my belly and head down) and her head was not yet fully engaged into my pelvis. I noticed how she would move positions several times in a day and thought that may be causing the hold up with her never staying put and not getting in an engaged position. I did all I could do on my end to loosen my pelvis. I also had been praying my whole pregnancy for my hips to widen and knew I had to give the rest to God. Everyone said they would say a prayer which made me feel much better with everyone joining hands with me.

I got in bed and Josh prayed for us. He left the room to finish his bowl of cereal and the football game that was on TV. While I was resting in bed I literally felt her turn and so I immediately texted everyone the news! I thought, “Yay! I’ll have a great night’s rest and probably have her in the morning!” Then I read my devotion in 1 Samuel 14. It was completely for me that night. I remember it emphasized how we should trust SO DEEP. So deep that we can even put ourselves in positions for God to fight for us. I remembered our confidence we had built up in faith and the birth vision we expected to happen, even though we hadn’t ever experienced this before. I remembered He was most definitely for us. I prayed by myself and said at the end of my prayer that I was ready and that I trusted Him and His faithfulness. There was no way He was going to let me down. I thought. I was just so peaceful and hopeful at that moment and right when I ended my prayer. I felt a POP and then a gush! I thought, “NO WAY” I literally said out loud no way and laughed. I just thought God you just have some sense of humor and really like to just blow me away. I called for Josh in the other room and yelled, “I’m pretty sure my water just broke” and he ran in there and flicked on the light and said “hmm??..are you sure?” I was still laying in bed and to him it didn’t look like anything had happened but then I stood up out of the bed and he saw my night dress was soaked. He said, “Ohp yep so this means we go to the hospital right?!” I said in a giggle voice, “well ya..that’s a pretty clear sign to me!” the clear sign we had hoped for. I felt so lucky to have experienced that and to have had such a clear sign that it was for sure GO TIME.

That answered prayer gave me such great hope that He would be faithful with the rest of my birth. We scurried around the house with a smile on our faces, double checking we had everything and tidying up a bit. We left within 10 minutes of my water breaking. I turned on my labor playlist in the car and we said a reassuring prayer together out loud just before arriving to the hospital at 9:50 pm. I checked in, put my gown on and was hooked up to the monitors within minutes. The nurse asked me all the silly questions and noticed I was having good strong contractions on the monitor. She mentioned that I must be a WARRIOR, because I answered all her questions without a flinch. Another person came in for me to sign legal documents and I was having to really focus on each contraction. I could only sign in-between contractions because by that time they were getting so intense that they took all my focus. I don’t think they realized how fast I was progressing, because they probably would not have made me sign and answer so much while in advanced active labor! They probably thought I was this first time mom coming in to labor for 18 hours. Thankfully that was not the case. Josh texted the family that I was 5 cm dilated and 80% effaced at 10:23pm. I told the nurse I wanted to be unhooked from the monitors so I could stand and move around to help with more efficient progress. and plus it was super uncomfortable to sit during a contraction. I don’t see how women do that. getting up was something I was informed to do. I knew to get moving when you may otherwise be afraid to move. Again I did some major preparing so I knew exactly what to expect and knew the stages of labor like the back of my hand. I suddenly started having stronger 2-3 minute apart contractions that felt more like menstrual cramps. I stood and sat on the edge of the bed and would lean into each contraction. I felt myself get a little nervous with those types of contractions. The cramp like contractions were reminding me of the dysmenorrhea (severe PMS symptoms) I used to experience. I got sweaty and nauseous and I asked Josh to spritz my face with my citrus essential oil mixture and I immediately felt so much better. I really had to wipe out that fear from my brain and reground myself to the fact that it was not dysmenorrhea but just a muscle contraction. I reminded myself that they were good and bringing me closer to my baby. I knew not to freak out and to not overreact in my actions. I knew to stay present making sure I didn’t think of any negative experiences in the past as well as not thinking labor was going to get worse. I knew to relax my pelvis and I only tensed up my hands mainly by squeezing Josh’s hand. So I could really open up and make good progress.

Josh was doing so good you guys. We were a team just like I had prayed. I also prayed during my pregnancy that the Holy Spirit would speak through Josh on the day of my delivery and tell me the exact things I needed to hear. I remember Josh saying several times that in just a little while we will get to see our little girl. The exact joy that was being sent straight from Heaven was our main focus during labor and it gave us supernatural strength to keep pressing forward. Our focus was never on fear but on the love that we had for each other and for our daughter. As my labor progressed I ended up feeling like I needed to lay down on my side. which is a completely normal primal thing to do at this stage in natural birth. It became even more intense but I wouldn’t call it painful. So I asked to be checked to know what stage of labor I was in. At 12:00 am the nurse said I was in the home stretch at 7 cm and 100% effaced. That was such great news to me that she emphasized I was in the home stretch. I just felt so much better knowing that this was as intense as it was going to get. With each contraction I said “Your Grace is Sufficient” and it meant to me that He was all I needed. I remember Josh feeling the intensity too and he reminded me to breathe and prayed for me out loud with each contraction. I became quiet, no longer using my voice to pray and speak my affirmations aloud. I was having one contraction after another and my eyes never opened again because I was in such deep focus. Her head had descended down into the birth canal just 10 minutes after being checked and I immediately started involuntarily pushing. I remember thinking that that was so so strange to be so not in control with what my body was doing. I remember having to decide if I was going to resist or let my body take over. That very decision felt like giving up control, but what it did was allow my body to do what God intended it to do.

So I relaxed, stayed calm and let my body do its thing. I soon after told Josh she’s coming. He pushed the nurse call button and had them check me. They replied back that she was indeed coming and was right there. Josh reminded me again that this was it and we were about to meet our daughter. I remember thinking I did it. I knew the hard part was over because I had made it past the transition stage and was now ready to push. I felt like the nurses and doctor were taking forever to get all setup and in the room. They told me that my doctor was not the doctor on call, which at the time did not matter to me at all. I remember asking the nurse if I could push still, since everyone wasn’t quite ready yet. She told me yes it’s okay to bear down with the contractions and push. Once everyone was ready the nurse coached me through how to breathe and push. I was still lying on my side and wasn’t getting much progress they said. So they suggested I straighten up and get in the traditional pushing position on my back, which looking back I wish I would have stayed with whatever I was most comfortable in. Anyways with each push I remember thinking to myself to relax and use your abs to push. I knew not to push too hard to prevent from tearing, but they kept telling me to push for longer. They kept telling me to breathe in deep and hold my breath with a long push. they were being super kind and encouraging but I do wish I would have listened to my body and not felt so much pressure to get her out so fast. I knew it wasn’t a race but it was like they all wanted me to push so hard so I just did. I was so incredibly thirsty and my mouth was so dry from breathing. That was literally my biggest concern and distraction, besides them coaching me. Ha! I was in no pain but it was for sure an intense euphoric moment that I had to focus on just getting to my baby while at the same time remaining calm. It took me forever to catch my breath so I could take in a good deep breath.

Finally, I took one long deep breath and held it for as long as I possibly could while pushing somewhat lightly. After just 20 minutes of pushing, Landree was born at 12:51 am September 17th 2017. She weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long. My eyes were still shut when she arrived. I listened to her take her first breathe. I felt my little precious bundle of joy be placed on my chest and in my arms. I kept saying “baby” and “my baby” over and over as they rubbed her down and checked her vitals. I could feel Josh hovering over us with a smile. I thought I would cry during that moment, but never did. I was just so happy that we did it and she was here. Her cry was precious being a sad-kinda-cute. I still had not seen her pretty face completely because she was placed so up near my neck. All I could see was her forehead and could barely see her cute little swollen eyes looking up at me. I didn’t want to move her embrace on my chest, so I just waited patiently and savored the moment forever.

Josh kissed my lips and they took her to weigh and measure her. I couldn’t wait until she was brought back to me. I raised her up eye level and kissed that precious girl right in between the eyes! Praise Jesus for zero complications and just 3 hours of labor. I never screamed, cried, cursed or turned into a different person while birthing and it was nothing like the movies work it up to be that I had once feared. It was beautiful and so surreal. Josh and I talked about how those 3 hours felt like just 30 short minutes. Though it was intense and took a lot of energy. Preparation was an absolute must for me and I’m so glad that I said yes to that journey. Josh and I stumbled across that walk with God at the perfect timing in our marriage and we will never be the same because of it. We are stronger in our faith and our marriage because of it. This birth experience was nothing but an answered prayer and a step out in faith from where we come from. We feel so blessed to have had a hospital birth experience like we did under God’s supernatural favor. Because the odds are surprisingly hard to beat. God was faithful and overly matched our confidence that we had in Him.

About Dancee,

Dancee Pinkston is a certified birth doula & childbirth educator. She is the creator of the Fearless Momma Birth Academy with over 770K+ Subscribers and 252,000,000+ views. A nutritional sciences graduate of Texas A&M University, mother of 2 girls and wife to her high-school sweetheart since 2012. Her mission is to help pregnant mommas have better birth experiences and live more empowered lives.

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